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In recent years, the anatomy of the family unit may have changed, but the need to protect what matters most hasn’t. The traditional nuclear family has shifted to a more complex structure that includes unmarried-cohabiting couples, single parents, step-children, half-children, same-sex couples, and remarriages with adult children.

Sometimes the inevitable is unexpected. The estate planning lawyers at Gray Legal can help provide peace of mind. Call us at (301) 281-4817 to get started.

Estate Planning Protects Your Legacy, Your Assets & Your Loved Ones

Everyone needs an estate plan–whether your assets total a few thousand dollars or a few million. Estate planning for the modern family is even more crucial to avoid the potential conflicts such as:

  • Choosing between your partner and your children
  • Dealing with “problematic” children, ex-partners, and step-children
  • Protecting young/disabled children
  • Rights of non-biological parents
  • Continuation of a business and much more.

Every Estate Is Planned - Either by You or the Government

Failing to plan your estate puts your legacy in the hands of the court, and puts a burden on those you leave behind. We understand that estate planning may seem overwhelming or upsetting, that’s why we work with clients to:

  • Resolve misconceptions about wills, probate, and living trusts
  • Minimize financial and emotional burdens on your family
  • Keep your affairs private and out of the courts
  • Arrange for care of your children in case you pass while they are still a minor
  • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes, and more.

Let us help you protect the people who matter most. Schedule your information session below online or call our Prince George's County estate planning lawyers at (301) 281-4817.

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