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Legal Separation Lawyer in Prince George's County

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If you and your spouse wish to separate but do not wish to divorce, a legal separation, also known as limited divorce, might be in your best interest. Unlike divorce, limited divorce gives both parties legal rights and protections while still remaining legally married. This is often a preferred option for individuals who are not yet ready or able to file for divorce because of moral, religious, or financial reasons. Whatever the case may be, our Prince George's County legal separation attorney at Gray Legal, P.C. is here to make sure that your rights are protected.

During a limited divorce, both spouses are barred from doing the following:

  • Remarrying, as they are still husband and wife
  • Having sexual relations with other people
  • Negatively impacting shared property

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Legal Separation & Limited Divorce

In the state of Maryland, there is no legal separation for married couples. Instead, the courts use the terms limited divorce and absolute divorce. Absolute divorce is what is mostly referred to when a couple decides that they want to get divorced. While in other states they use the term legal separation, Maryland uses limited divorce. Limited divorce carries the same protections that are usually given by a legal separation.

What Are the Requirements For a Limited Divorce?

In Maryland, grounds for a limited divorce include cruelty or vicious conduct of a spouse or child, desertion, and voluntary separation. Under the terms of voluntary separation, both parties agree to live apart and refrain from sexual relations with each other. If after 12 months of living apart both spouses see no reasonable chance of reconciliation, they are allowed to file for absolute divorce. At Gray Legal, P.C., our Prince George's County legal separation attorney can go over your options with you.

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